Careyourpresent : You might not believe it. It’s little unexpected things that make up a real life

This is a totally unexpected unplanned post.

I woke up this morning by the thunderstorm. It’s the usual weekday morning where I have to wake up at 6.30am to prepare my son for school. The big raining sound with cool weather as usual make people want to sleep longer. However, I have a responsibility – to wake my son up for school. Hence, I struggled on the cozy bed 5 minute later and wake up at 6.42am instead of 6.37am.

As usual, I brushed my own teeth before brushing my son teeth. I always wondered how long will he keep allowing me to brush his teeth? Many people hope their kids can be independent soon and don’t depend them so much on small things like brush teeth, but when that day come, can you bear with it? Will you miss it? Believe it or not, that day will come sooner than you expected. Can you remember the day where your kid say they don’t need your help to walk because they want to do on their own? Soon, they don’t need you to send them to school, make meals for them, they only want their friends, gf, bf, spouse etc…If you don’t Careyourpresent now, you will regret it one day.

One day they will not want to hold your hand, treasure that little hands, little things while you can because it can just come suddenly one day…

After brushing teeth, I bring him to kitchen for breakfast as usual. Before I even serve breakfast, the first thing he said surprised me and lite up my day…

I am shocked, touched and happy and… I don’t know how to describe. He remembered the small little things that people always take for granted. This is something – like experiences, memories that will always be there and never be forgotten… Like that the book “Die with Zero” that I have read recently, and the book coined it “Memory Dividends”. Much more beautiful than your usual stock dividends.

Do you prefer gold or memory? Do read this post Why is gold useful?

Besides the line above, he told me that he like to play in the rain, and he is happy that we have allowed him to play while other parents don’t. He appreciated the freedom and trust that we have given him. Haha, in fact he raised eyebrows. He asked why most other parents allowed their kids to bathe but not play in rain? Isn’t it the same – water? He has just learned about water cycle in school. I have also told him that its funny, every time (4th time this year) that it rains big while I walked him to school, but the rain turns small immediately after he enter school gate while I walked home.

After breakfast, I walked him to school. The drain was flooded. Rain was big but it was fun. He put his hands in rainwater and play. and we appreciated the little 5 minutes’ walk from home to school. We took photos and videos of drains flooding big rains etc which I will shared later at later part of this post.

Finally let me end this post with the photos/videos that I have took and some questions for everyone to ponder…

Flooded Drain
Flooded Drain
Flooded Drain
Raining day 🙂

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