Careyourpresent : The Art of Doing Nothing and Financial Independent Retire Early (FIRE)

The Fact of Doing Nothing is difficult to most people

Very often, in this society, especially every busy work life, we as part of the city, are used to doing things every single moment of our life. When you take a bus/train, lunch or even talking to friends, many would be looking at their mobile phones instead of just enjoying the moment. Are you one of them? Can you take a moment to rest and throw your mobile aside? Most likely many people would feel very uncomfortable if they do so. What does this imply?

Fact – we are too used to busy schedule and can’t do nothing without feeling uncomfortable!

Irony or not, the most difficult part of your daily life is doing nothing, absolutely nothing. Have your tried to stop whatever you are doing now, just do nothing and stare into thin air. How do you feel? Please go try and feel it. How do you feel? Do you feel weird?

Don’t FIRE! Doing nothing is not productive

Recently there are many discussion on Financial Independent, Retire Early (FIRE). Many people have different opinions about this movement. Some supported it, many people share that doing nothing, retiring earlier is not productive. You should spend all your all time to do something productive, reading a book, study, work until you can’t (60s, 70s), make your life fulfilling. This is especially important for those who want to Financial Independent, Retire Early (FIRE).

One question is always raise when one said that they want to FIRE – “You will get bored easily after FIRE. Maybe initially it will be fun/happy without your busy work, toxic colleagues/bosses, work stresses etc, but after 6-7 months of doing nothing will get you bored! Hence continue to work even if you FI.”

For those who have already FIRE, could you share how do you pass your time? Is the above really true? You really have nothing to do? Or do you live a even more fulfilling life?


When you were baby, child, kid, do you always have things to do? Do you remember to enjoy the sand, enjoy wind, just staring at the sky? Isn’t doing nothing most relaxing, most comfortable, most fulfilling? Why must we keep doing something every single second? Life is short, treasure it. Careyourpresent, enjoy the moment.


In fact, when you are doing nothing, it might be the most productive as your mind is relax, clear and you can think of great ideas.

Try and go do nothing

Relax. Find time to do nothing. During your trip to/from work, don’t stare at home and just do nothing. During your meal time, look at your friends/family, just eat and do nothing else.

You will find out your life is now better. Learn to slow down your life and Careyourpresent.

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