BOLD Macro prediction using Metaphysics and Real Economic Data (2)

Another key point to add is FED already printed so much money in 2001, 2008, 2020 and is now with 30 Trillions debt. Inflation is still rising but they can’t print their way out anymore..hence they have to increase interest rate, but it will be “soft landing” according to FED. Let’s wait for 20-21 Sep 2022 FOMC, very likely at least 75 basis point from the current rate

It really happen! See my previous post? Fed increase the rate again.


Powell previously shared that FED increasing interest rate and we will get “Soft Landing”. From the horse mouth directly, see what is he saying now?

No more soft landing! Harder landing? recession? instability?

Interest rate

If we simply look from the interest rate point of view as of today, what do you get? 2 years rate hit 4% and much higher than 10 years rate – inverted yield curve. This likely signal a recession is coming.

THOSE with lots of debt, mortgage and leverage please be careful. People who laughed at others from stubbornly keep sticking to the high hdb loan of 2.6% instead of the low bank rate of 0.xx% few year ago or even last year, hopefully should not be laughing anymore. Please careful and plan carefully now.

METAPHYISCS point of view

Remember what DAC said in my previous post?

Sep 2022 onwards: Financial markets very unstable, esp. NE region, & domino effects will spread to other countries.

My personal take

Remember that post that I have made at the day after the worst down in 2022?

I know I am naggy. Let me repeat.

This is just the beginning.

Regardless of macro or metaphysics, things don’t look good. Of course you can buy the dip to trade (I also just bought ETH 1250 and BTC 18500 this morning with small amount to trade) but please keep some cash to standby in order to gain generational wealth later. Quite likely it should be coming soon, November onward (after few mths after Oct 25 eclipse, remember what happened in the last eclipse?)…also with the high inflation that cause FED to no choice but to increase interest rate…you just need a black swan to crash the market!

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