Careyourpresent : Why is Gold useful?

This is an article for the Careyourpresent series. This article is about gold and not about gold. CONFUSING? Yes it is. Let’s read on to find out more.

This article is about Careyourpresent, thinking of what is the more important things in life. I believe that Library is a favorite place for many kids. Many parents will go libraries with their kids regularly. One of the more popular section of the library will be comic books. Recently I have borrowed a series of book from the library. My kids love this series.

Story of Stupid Wolf

What is this story about? Who is stupid wolf?

The main character of these series of comic is “Stupid” Wolf. He is not the big ass evil wolf that want to eat pig or little red riding hood. Instead, he is very different. He is stupid and yet not stupid. He is a depiction of what many of us have lose as we progress into adulthood from childhood – Innocent mind of a child. When we grow up, every second we need to busy, things that we do must have a purpose/benefit, we no longer be happy with small things, always thinking positive about things etc. In the story, his friends like to laugh at him for his “stupidity” but he don’t feel anything, simply still happy with what he do. When we were child, we are able to do that. But as an adult, I think this is no longer possible. Anyway, if you do know how to read Chinese, please go read these books. For now let me share one of the story with you.

Every book in series comprises of small little stories in each book. For this book it is titled “Insomnia at a Field“. I was intrigued when I first read the title of this book. How can a Field can’t sleep? This is weird. As I read on, the more confusing I get but the more intrigued I get too.

This story is a follow up of the previous story where Stupid Wolf left his hometown to search for this parents (keeping long story short, his parents quarreled over stupid reasons and left him alone in his house for world travel). He travelled day and night across rivers, mountains, seas, villages, forests and eventually reach this green field. While he was walking along this field, he is very tired and wanted to find a hotel to stay. However, he can’t find. Eventually he fell asleep at the road side. Then something very interesting happen…

A group of animals appeared, walking aimlessly in the field. They are big wolf, fox, rat, raccoon and badger. What are they doing there? Apparently they have something in common – insomnia. They have not yet close their eyes to sleep for even a moment for half a year! What happened? Let’s read on.

While walking aimless on the field, they hear a very nice sound….the sound that they have never heard for so long.


They heard the snoring sound of the Stupid Wolf. They missed this sound and keep wondering how come this Stupid Wolf can sleep so well and even at the roadside. However, they can’t! After some discussion, they decided to bring him home and ask him to teach them!

They tied him up with a road with the help of an owl (who is also insomnia) and bring him to the house of Raccoon so that they can question and ask him when he wake up later. At the racoon’s house, that racoon keep wondering how come Stupid Wolf can sleep but he cannot? Why? Why?

As the racoon keep wondering, while listening to the nice snoring sound of the Stupid wolf…. he accidentally felt asleep.. Few hours later, Stupid Wolf woke up. He is confused and wonder where is this place. He keep thinking and finally concluded that he might be captured by robbers! and the Racoon should be captured too. He tried to save racoon by pulling himself and the racoon out of the house.

When is he out of the house, he was beaten up by the animals and fainted. Haha. The animals thought the Stupid Wolf has killed their friend – raccoon who was actually sleeping. After some clarify and discussion, then they realized what has happened! Racoon did not die and in fact Stupid Wolf has cured racoon of his insomnia! The racoon also managed to start to eat well. The animals are excited and asked the Stupid Wolf to help them too! However, the Stupid Wolf is fainted now due to their beating. Hence, they have to wait for him to wake up.

The night came. Stupid Wolf wake up and discovered that racoon is beside him and asked him what happened. He explained to him that the animals can’t sleep. Stupid Wolf asked why? Racoon explain what have happened….

Half a year ago, the animals found gold in the ground. All the animals wanted the gold. Some of their animal friends die because they went to steal the gold at night – for example the owl’s wife was killed because she secretly hang the gold on her neck at night while flying off. As a result, the big wolf said that the gold belong to him and the other animals cannot touch them or else he would attack them. The other animals also wanted the gold and scared that the big wolf would come attack them at night. Guess what happened?

All the animal become insomnia since that night. They can’t sleep as they are wary of one another.

Suddenly the Stupid Wolf asked racoon.

Why do you need the gold? Can the gold be eaten? Or you want golden teeth in your mouse?

Racoon answered. No. Cannot…

Then why do you need the gold?

Suddenly, the Racoon see the light. He don’t want the gold! He only wanted to marry the girl racoon that he met half a year ago at the river opposite the field However, he didn’t go find her because he is worrying about the gold! He missed out other great things in life because of useless gold! Hence, he went to find the girl, marry her, solved his insomnia.

Other animals also realized their stupidity and the fact that they don’t need the gold. In the end, everyone felt asleep happily at the field….except the wolf and his gold… There are more story about the wolf and his gold later, but keep thing short, he eventually realized that he don’t need the gold too and went to pursue more important things in life.

Dear Readers, what are the morals of this story?

Some things like gold and wealth, may seem to be very important in your life. Of course I agreed that they are important for survival. But there are other more important things in your life – your family, your goal, your life, your health, your happiness, your sleep etc. Sometime we need to stop and think, let your innocent mind of yourself when you were a child to take over and find out what are really important to you. Enough is enough, wealth beyond a certain amount are just numbers in bank. Do you really need that much? When you hit your goal of 1 millions, suddenly you think of inflation, need save more for the future, you want to get 2 millions, 3 millions…..10 millions….hence you work harder and harder grinding at the work you don’t like (of course if you like the work, it is different story). What if suddenly you died next day? Stop shifting your goalposts for wealth. One day when you are old on your death bed. Can you bring all these money/gold/wealth/condos with you? Or would you regret not spending more precious time with your love ones or spent more time to do things that really matter to you?


Please feel free to let me know your thoughts about this story too.

Let me end this post with a comment from a guy which recently took a career break because of family. Do read the orange box part.

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